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0087The Extended Catalog of Red AGB Variable Stars found in the NSVS Database
341 kB
appendix: Catalogue - Elements 142 kB
appendix: Catalogue - USNO-A2.0 and SIMBAD Cross-IDs 35 kB
appendix: Light Curves 1676 kB
appendix: Readme file for supplemental analysis data 0 kB
Maxim Usatov, Artem Nosulchik2008-04-24
 In this paper we present the catalog of new Mira-type and SR+L variable stars in the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) database, found after complementing the original NSVS object tables with a number of additional parameters. By extending the amount of criterias search queries can take advantage of and filtering known objects out, it became convenient to apply better constrained filters to search new variable star candidates. As an example of presented approach, the quest for red variables has resulted in 78 Mira-type and 717 SR+L stars found that have no identification in General Catalogue of Variable Stars, SIMBAD and VSX databases. Most likely the stars presented are new discoveries. The classification of these stars is based on the near-infrared colors from Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) photometry, amplitude and period with the accuracy of the classification given ~90%, estimated basing on the current GCVS classification scheme.

Simbad object(s): 2MASS J20142023+4822329, 2MASS J20313483+3750093, 2MASS J20262196+4338290, 2MASS J19550744+4301272, 2MASS J19441583+4348390, 2MASS J19364302+4415479, 2MASS J20052552+4937020, 2MASS J20022983+4926589, 2MASS J19594369+5143000, 2MASS J19555052+4817060, 2MASS J19520386+5030178, 2MASS J19435937+4822180, 2MASS J19294522+4903522, 2MASS J19330349+4935499, 2MASS J19364459+4256002, 2MASS J19342559+4420580, 2MASS J19285699+4223547, 2MASS J19195776+4209046, 2MASS J19153541+3848152, 2MASS J19165404+4330121, ...


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